JLLC «Dozator-plus» is one of the largest manufacturer in the Republic of Belarus of hydraulic components and equipment for the agriculture, construction industry, special machinery, instrument making and other directions of mechanical engineering.

- For more than 20 years our specialists have been improving in the production of steering units steering for agricultural machinery and construction equipment. Due to the high quality of these products and the large volume of production, we are the main manufacturer of steering units in the CIS.

- Our company also developed disc valves and spool valves hydraulic motors, not inferior to European analogues.

- One of the main areas of activity of JLLC “Dozator-plus” is design and manufacturing of press-molds for any vibrating presses semi-dry pressing. We have mastered the whole range of molds for presses of domestic and foreign production.

- Having in its arsenal high-tech equipment from leading manufacturers, JLLC “Dozator-plus” manufactures parts and assemblies for instrument engineering. The specifics of this industry require high accuracy and reliability. Our products are widly used in medicine and electronics.

Railway subjects did not go unnoticed too. Today our factory has mastered the production of more than 30 items of spare parts for rolling stock.

- JLLC «Dozator-plus» provides services for all types of mechanical, chemical and heat treatment of metals, cutting and bending of sheet materials, etc. Details here.

The quality management system for the production of steering units and hydraulic motors is certified in the Republic of Belarus according to ISO 9001-2009 and has a Certificate of Conformity of the Russian Federation.