The high-tech modern equipment used in our production from leading world manufacturers, such as SPINNER, DMG, OKUMA, HAAS, CHIRON, VOUMARD, HAHN KOLB, KELLENBERGER, STUDER, BOLEY, SCHAUBLIN, BAYKAL, STAMA, etc. allows us to master new ones, as well as expand existing directions in the field of high-precision machining of parts and manufacturing of finished products of the engineering complex, instrument making and much more. Using machine tools with software, we are able to produce a wide range of parts and products that satisfy our customers.

Round, flat and profile grinding
Turning, milling, broaching
and gearshaving operations
Chemical-thermal and heat
Five-coordinate processing of
ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts
Five-coordinate processing of
parts from polymeric materials
Sheet metal bending
Laser cutting of metal
Protective coating